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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that:


From synchronous webinars to screencast tutorials to webcam capture mini-lessons, videos play an important role in my online teaching. I believe that students in online courses should not be forced into text-based learning by the affordances of Blackboard and other online platforms.

The video below is intended to welcome students of TWC 421: Principles of Writing with Technology to the course. I introduce myself to students, walk them through the course structure, show them the various parts of the Blackboard site, and let them know what is coming up in the first week of class. I record a welcome video like this one for every online class I teach in order to put a face and voice to the interactions students will have with me.

I created the video below for TWC 411: Principles of Visual Communication. I found that students in the class are indebted to textual literacies and are often confused or overwhelmed by the prospect of sketching document designs. The video is intended to allay those fears and explain both the value of sketching and—along with this video—the process students in the class will follow for sketching, giving feedback, receiving feedback, and revising.

Student Work

Gallery of Student Websites

Click the image below to browse websites my students have created for my classes.

Example Student Website

Website design by John E.K. Carter.

Gallery of Student Designs

Click the image below to browse documents my students have designed for my classes.

Example Student Design

Business card design by Cassie Fincher.